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We are a law firm in Wels (Austria) specializing in commercial law and general civil law. Our office was founded in 1852 by Dr. Johann Straberger.



As lawyers in Wels we accompany you in all legal matters and represent you in all Austrian courts and administrative authorities.



Our law firm is located in the Maria Theresia skyscraper in Wels. Driving directions and contact details can be found here:




Our law firm in Wels is the oldest law firm in Upper Austria and exists since 1852. We have more than 160 years of experience. We – that’s Dr. Christopher Straberger (lawyer) and Mag. Oliver Schmidl (lawyer), several legal assistants and trainee lawyers as well as experienced secretarial staff. The focus areas of our law office are commercial law and general civil law.

LNA_Legal_Network_Alliance_StrabergerWe provide you with comprehensive legal advice in all areas of law, and we represent you before all Austrian administrative authorities and courts. In addition, as a client of our law firm in Wels, you will gain access to a network of high quality lawyers and tax advisers in Austria and abroad. Thus, we can support and represent you also outside of Austria in any legal issue. We are happy to be your link for small and large legal issues in other countries. Dr. Straberger has been a member of the international lawyer network LNA (Legal Netlink Alliance) for many years. Furthermore, there are several cooperations with German lawyers. In addition to this, Dr. Straberger is one of the two Austrian members of the largest German information network for lawyers.


Our main areas of expertise are business law with a focus on internationalization of companies, EU law, contract law, construction law, corporate law, trademark and design law, as well as general civil law agendas. Our focus areas can be found here:

Company law

Austrian company law includes the law of partnerships ...

Construction Law

In Austria, the law of construction and regional planning is regulated differently in the...

Trademark & Copyright

For many years we have specialized in trademark law. As Lawyers in Wels ...

Inheritance law

We as a law firm in Wels advise domestic and foreign clients ...

Contract law

One of our main activities (and hobby horses) is the design and analysis of ...

Pharmaceutical law


Real estate law

As lawyers in Wels we offer comprehensive advice in Real estate...

Civil law & Business Law

Accompanying companies in business is one of our specialties ...

Bankruptcy law

Our law firm in Wels has been working for decades on ...


Since the accession of Austria to the EU, our Welser law firm is a specialist ...


The most frequently asked questions:

Who bears the costs of a lawyer in a lawsuit?2019-01-10T19:27:31+00:00

In almost all cases, the losing party must compensate the other party for the costs. Talk to us, then we can you inform you on this in detail!

Which lawyer is right one for you?2019-01-10T19:27:09+00:00

The main activities of our law firm range from commercial law with a focus on internationalization of companies, EU law, contract law, construction law, corporate law, trademark and design law, to general civil law agendas. If you have questions about other areas of law, please contact us. We will inform you, if we can help you or we will advise you to find a suitable lawyer.

In which litigation can we help you?2019-01-10T19:26:32+00:00

The main activities of our law firm are quite diversified and include in particular business law with a focus on internationalization of companies, EU law, contract law, construction law, company law, trademark and design law, as well as general civil law agendas.

How much does a consultation with a lawyer cost?2019-01-10T19:25:19+00:00

The first phone call or conversation with us is usually free, thereby the cost question shall also be discussed. It is customary to invoice according to the Lawyers’ Tariff Act or according to an agreed hourly rate. If required, flat fees can also be arranged.

What do we need from you to arrange a first meeting?2019-01-10T19:24:53+00:00

You can always contact us with your legal questions. Depending on the area of law, you will be advised or represented by the staff of our law firm. It is clarified what should happen in the future.

What to do if you can not afford a lawyer?2019-01-10T19:24:27+00:00

Those who can not afford a lawyer can apply for legal aid. This must be requested from the competent court of first instance. Legal aid is granted if a party would not be able to lead the process without impairing the necessary maintenance and the intended litigation does not appear to be willful or hopeless. Your lawyer can assist you with the application.

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